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BHS Baseball Booster Club
Fundraising Goals

Why do we raise funds?
The school district provides only so much school funding for our program and to have the coaching/facilities that are needed, the BHS Baseball Booster Club must raise funds.

Fundraised money goes to pay for the following:

Every Year Expenses
- covering part of the cost of Spring Trip
- purchase the hats/jerseys for the players
- awards/plaques for recognition of achievements of the players
- coach stipends for assistant coaches
- end of year banquets
- purchase of sporting goods equipment for the teams (baseballs, hitting t’s,    
- rental of Alimagnet field for games
- maintenance of BHS fields

Thank You to all Blaze baseball families, players, and fans for making these goals achievable through our fundraising efforts. A special thank you is extended to the Burnsville Traveling baseball program for their continued partnership and support.