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Savage, MN
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Todd and Erin Procko Kevin and Teresa VerMeer
Scott and Ann O'Toole Jeff and Kay Schneider
Elizabeth Maas Rob and Charity Lewis
Dean Chmielewski Paul and Jean Nordgren
Kevin and Julie Traetow Joe and MaryEllen Reger
Tim and Kersten Thellin Keith and Pam Hanson
Byung Ko Allie Wagner
Mike and Barb Smith Renae Maier
Keller Family Donavon and Diana Kirschbaum
Rozek Family Michael and Sandra Dorshak
Mick Scholl Richard and Julie Oakley
Tom and Marilyn Carman Jim and Mary Kallstrom
Mike Lindstrom James and Laura Schorn
Ken and Molly Ferderer  
Ruthie  Vanderlaan